10 Award Winning Pakistani Dramas of Last 3 Years

10 Award Winning Pakistani Dramas of Last 3 Years

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Pakistan is known for its fabulous and award-winning Pakistani Dramas. Award-Winning Pakistani Dramas have always been a great source of pleasure for the audience all over the world.

10 Award-Winning Pakistani Dramas of Last 3 Years

It is indeed a dreamland for movie stars to come to this part of the world and do their movie business here in Pakistan.

The main thing is that we must give our best in our field. There are so many things to enjoy and do in our country, but what makes a movie star do something unique is truly a talent and a great work ethic.

Many movie stars are indeed very much familiar with our cinema. We see them on television and hear them performing here and there.

However, few movie stars have come to make our dreams come true. Instead, they have created their niche, and they have carved their name in our hearts and on our screens. They are the proud products of our film industry.

Many movie stars came from humble beginnings to shine like stars in our cinema. They have got awards, accolades, and success in their own right. Some of these award-winning Pakistani movies are Sharukh Khan, Makhsoos Khan, Haider, Jodha Akbar, Zabarishtron, Shah Karam, Dharan, Azar Jaago, Kayan cinema, etc.

These names give you a perfect idea about the filmmaking process. Our award-winning movies have made Pakistani Cinema a box office hit.

There are so many award-winning plays and movies. They have a different type of genre to cater to the audiences. There are action, adventure, drama, comedy, family, love stories, and many more.

Pakistani actors are known for their brilliant portrayal of good characters, but their performance is also high due to their great storylines.

There is an example of a typical movie that I would like to mention. It is called Baahubali. This movie is about a snake in every possible twist and turn. The storyline is fantastic, and the acting is excellent.

If we have not mentioned any movie, I will share a little about Jodha Akbar. Jodha Akbar is about a young girl who comes from a low-income family and has a wealthy father.

Her best friend is a boy named Baba. He also wants to become rich like his sister. But Jodha has to stay away from her because her father would make her marry Baba.

In this movie, Jodha must find out what exactly is her father’s problem is. Then she plans to get married to a boy from her father’s company.

There are various exciting twists in the storylines, which make this movie entertaining. Some of the familiar and good storylines include the romance between Jodha and Baba, the death of a child in the family, Jodha’s love for another good boy, Baba’s love for Jodha, and so on.

Recently television series have been making rounds in the Pakistani audience. All generally love these. They give us exciting stories which make our life more enjoyable. It is a common saying that television can be an excuse to sit at home and watch something interesting. So you can say that these movies are our television. So go ahead and enjoy these movies.

Another movie that needs a mention is Alabama. This movie tells the story of a girl called Prem Chopra. She marries an affluent man, becomes a housewife but still keeps her class identity. She still practices her manners diligently. She does not give in to her wild personality.

Asgar Bazaar and Mankatha direct the other two movies mentioned above. Asgar Bazaar is a romantic comedy, and Mankatha is a fantasy film.

Both these movies have excellent storylines and use exceptional acting to keep the viewers glued to the screen. Alabama is a story of a girl called Prem Chopra, who falls in love with a wealthy man.

Her dream life seems perfect, but she gets paralyzed when she meets a boy who also shares her interests. Finally, she regains consciousness in a mental hospital and is told that she has been chosen as the next person to be reincarnated.

So every time you watch a movie on television, pay attention to the plot and the way it is told. You will be surprised to know that Pakistani dramas are much more realistic than most American and European films. They portray a lifestyle that is a lot closer to our own.

If you are looking for a break from your daily routine, go online and search for some Pakistani movies, and I am sure you will find one that you will enjoy immensely.

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