10 Blockbuster Dramas of Iqra Aziz

10 Blockbuster Dramas of Iqra Aziz

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“10 Bunkmates” is a brilliant take on the “harem life” spun off from “Sleeping with One Eye.” This latest debut novel is fresh and vibrant and will intrigue Azizans throughout the world.

10 Blockbuster Dramas of Iqra Aziz

The premise behind the story is a romance between a young married man (Khan) and a group of “bunkmates” who share their house with him. The dynamic between the young married man and the group of bunkmates captures Aziz’s attention.

Iqra Aziz takes us into the idyllic yet harsh landscape of Pakistan. The novel opens with a beautiful scene of greenery surrounding a gently bubbling stream. Then, as the title suggests, the character narrates his experiences in this idyllic locale. Here, he begins his story, detailing his rise from poverty to wealth while sharing his story with his new and loving wife.

Aziz’s story is at times inspirational, and at times, it is humorous. However, Aziz desires to share his story with others that genuinely ground the novel. The characters in “10 Bunkmates” are all unique and provide some excellent comedy. Although most of the humor occurs between Aziz and his friends, the story also delves into various other realms.

Aziz’s family consists of three sisters and a brother. They live in a small home called the Aziz household, located on a hilltop outside of Islamabad.

Aziz’s younger sister Nazeerah, who is the comic relief, is the one who initially enters Aziz’s life. As the novel unfolds, Aziz’s life is expanded to include his family and what lies beneath. Aziz’s older sister Saira has a difficult time coming to grips with her family’s recent tragedy.

Aziz’s life is turned upside down when he witnesses the murder of his beloved uncle. Immediately following this, Aziz’s world is turned upside down as his relationship with his best friend Nazeerah is severely jeopardized.

Aziz must then decide how to deal with the death of his best friend. Aziz returns home when Nazeerah’s murder is solved, only to find that Nazeerah had been buried alive.

This first-person narrative allows Aziz to experience the tragic events that transpired around him and his family. As a result, Aziz’s journey is not merely a tale of triumph but also a depiction of sorrow.

While the initial plotline may have appeared rather generic, Iqra’s story eventually evolves into a complex, well-developed tale of tragedy and grief. Although the beginning of the novel is compelling, Iqra’s story gradually picks up momentum. To fully appreciate “10 Bunkmates,” a reread of “Ten Bunkmates” is necessary.

In terms of cultural references, “Ten Bunkmates” takes various cultural aspects from different Moorish Spain stories. For example, one Spanish tale which features a group of slaves who escape from a Spanish jail is told in the novel. Another Spanish touch involves using a “ridiculous” device that Spanish prison inmates use to try and poison their fellow inmates. The device in question is a toothpaste tube.

Throughout the novel, Aziz repeatedly uses the toothpaste tube to poke fun at his fellow inmates. A few minor Spanish phrases and some mild English words are added to help clarify the situation.

The majority of the book is told from Aziz’s perspective. Although his friends Nazeerah and Maseeh impart much information, Aziz mainly acts as the narrator.

In addition, this type of storytelling is suitable for younger readers as it is often related to current events. In conclusion, “The Dramas of Iqra” is an engaging story about a young boy’s search for meaning in his life and his subsequent encounter with the characters of “Ten Bunkmates.”

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