10 Blockbuster Dramas of Zahid Ahmed

10 Blockbuster Dramas of Zahid Ahmed

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Dramas of Zahid Ahmed Pakistani theater is one genre that is still little known to many people in the western world. It is a long-forgotten form of entertainment that has been revived in the modern era by Pakistani theater artists.

10 Blockbuster Dramas of Zahid Ahmed

There are two different styles of comedy used in Dramas of Zahid Ahmed Pakistani. These are the satire type of comedy and the masnacatrice which take itself too seriously. Let us explore these two forms of humor to have a better idea about their structure.

First, let us have a brief description of the Pakistani play that is called “Hamra.” This drama or script is based on an actual incident that happened to the protagonist of the story Hamra.

The name Hamra comes from the language of the Persians, and the play itself is in the Farsi language. As you may notice, the word “Hamra” literally means “the beautiful face.” This comedy plays with the concepts of good and evil while at the same time touching on the innocence of youth.

When we move to the second form of drama called “Nusatebshahi,” the content will be more on the serious topic of a murder mystery. In this drama, the main characters are professionals who investigate crimes.

There is an important subplot involving the relationship between one of the main characters and his teenage son. Most of the actors in this genre are of Punjabi descent, like Saleem Badar and Shakeel Mohsin.

Next, let us move on to the third type of drama that is called “Choke.” This is a comedy that revolves around a single father and his quest to find out who has been plaguing his daughter. The mother of the character takes up as a suspect and is eventually cleared by the police.

The rest of the plot revolves around the various mishaps that occur during the investigation. Most of these funny plays are directed by Shahid Khan and Sharad Kaushman.

Finally, we come across the fourth genre of comedy script known as “Senses of humor.” These are funny plays that are mainly filmed on a home entertainment platform such as a television set.

It is more or less a combination of comedy, tragedy, and humor. The funny things happen to the characters while they are on screen. This genre includes movies like “A Christmas Carol,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “The Secret Life of Shopaholic,” and many others.

All of the above genres are acted out by the best actors in the industry. All Pakistani actors have a lot of experience in performing comedy. But it is exciting to note that some of them have not done this till now. You would wonder how they have the stamina to sit on a script for hours, especially when there are so many other things that occupy their time.

But the question remains how much popular any Pakistani actor is in the English language? Let us discuss this question carefully. At present, one Pakistani actor who is quite popular is Malcolm X.

He has two TV shows – Double Dare and Stimulant. His role in Stimulant was played by Ali Baba, who did an excellent job in the movie.

There are many other funny and thrilling Pakistani dramas that are waiting for an English translation. Some of these genres include Jirgas dailies, Tahu Akbar, Kaykotti kids, and many more. So, a Pakistani man can select from the genres provided. And this will make your evening more enjoyable!

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