10 Latest Pakistani Dramas That Are Ruling Year 2021

10 Latest Pakistani Dramas That Are Ruling Year 2021

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Here we have the ten latest Pakistani dramas ruling the roost in Pakistan, and it is near abroad. 

10 Latest Pakistani Dramas That Are Ruling Year 2021

These are hugely popular and are being telecast on different channels every day.

They are all highly creative, innovative, and beautifully done with great acting and music. It’s truly a full day of great performances from the best.

One of the best is called As If. Sharara is getting ready to marry a guy she barely knows. She has a good friend who gives her lots of good advice, but nothing seems to be going right.

One night, when her best friend comes to town, she gets very drunk and has an affair with him. Things get even worse when her brother finds out and confronts her about it. She ends up killing him with a bullet to the back of his head.

Another fantastic movie is called Iqra. This one stars Sharukh Khan as a single girl who moves to America with her brother to pursue higher education.

Eventually, though, she gets captured by terrorists, and they are after her. However, she gets perfect at shooting, and though they manage to get her, they still fail.

Another great movie is called Apne. This movie stars Shah Rukh Khan as the title character. 

The movie shows him growing closer to the woman, and eventually, he marries her. It’s based on the true story of the wife of a Kashmiri terrorist who was married to a US soldier.

Iqra again is a brilliant example of how stories can be told across genres and periods. She called Sameer, and a case of mistaken identity saves her life.

10 Latest Pakistani Dramas That Are Ruling Year 2021

This is a rare movie where the terrorists are the heroes. They shoot at the wrong people and save the girl. Is that it doesn’t have a happy ending. There is no happy end for Sameer either.

A Separation is a story about two brothers from Pakistan. It’s about their family life in America. It’s about sibling rivalry and how both of them manage to get through the various challenges that come their way. It also deals with their relationship with their cousin.

This movie is directed by Shimit Amin and focuses on two different characters. One of them is a cab driver, while the other acts as a bodyguard. Both of them end up dead after an encounter with terrorists.

It won four Golden Globes for Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Director -Motion Picture.

They remain immensely popular among the Pakistani people. They are shown regularly on television.

 They are even more popular online. You can find out more about the movies that we’ve listed here.

Kill Bill is a revenge movie that’s set in Victorian England. The movie’s hero is a Chinese assassin named Dolce, who is on a mission to kill his boss.

With the help of some Chinese nurses, he can accomplish the task. The movie has a great deal of action. It’s been praised by critics too.

This movie is about two teenagers who are thrown into a world of adventure. It’s about a boy called Ben, from a low-income family, and getting involved with the drug trade. His best friend is called Dogs. He ends up getting framed in the drug case and is sentenced to 10 years in jail.

This movie is about a girl called Malala who falls in love with a boy from her village. But things go wrong when the Lashkar-Ket race kidnaps her.

She is given a message from her brother about her beauty and asks him to get her back. However, he refuses to do so and is instead ordered to protect her until the authorities arrive.

This movie depicts the life of a girl called Zahra, who falls in love with an army officer named Ashfaq. He turns out to be a corrupt and criminal officer.

The two get locked in a prison, and Zahra is forced to start a hunger strike to save herself. Finally, after ten days, she manages to break free. The story revolves around her struggle to come out of the cage.

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