10 Pakistani Dramas That Made You Believe in Love

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Have you ever heard about a movie called “avid Gulzar”? Well, you will remember the name when you come across any Pakistani Dramas later. It was a big hit among film lovers.

10 Pakistani Dramas That Made You Believe in Love

This movie is about a young couple, Saleem and Naseer, thrown into a profound mystery to find out who their father is. But, unfortunately, the secret is so complicated that they do not know what to believe in and think about.

“BELIEVE IN LOVE” is a typical story of a happy family who lives a happy life. The movie has become a classic due to the excellent acting performances from every character involved.

A lot of people have expressed their love for this movie since it was first screened. So, if you are looking for films that make you believe in love, I highly recommend this one.

“Belief IN LOVE” tells the story of a happily married couple, Saleem and Naseer, who is thrown into a profound mystery. They find themselves alone in their house, and Naseer finds the address of his old friend. Their friendship is further strengthened when Saleem’s Auntmaid points him to the right person in their town.

After this, the two start traveling towards their destination. Once there, they learn that their Aunt’s former husband had been cheating on her for years.

What makes “BELIEVE IN LOVE” a tremendous and unforgettable movie is the outstanding performances of all the characters in the film. In addition, the chemistry between Saleem and Naseer is just great.

The chemistry between Saleem and Emra also works perfectly. The chemistry between Saleem and Fazal also works perfectly. All these actors play out their roles beautifully to make you believe in love.

The story is told through the words of Saleem and Naseer. They are thrown into a mystery, and they find themselves lost. The whole movie revolves around them searching for clues to understand what is going on with their lives. The mystery and desperation make the film very emotional. This is why it has become one of the best-selling movies in Pakistan and the world.

As we have mentioned earlier, “BELIEVE IN LOVE” was highly applauded by the Pakistani audience. It became a hit not only in Pakistan but the whole world too.

The movie houses got tons of audiences, foreign and domestic. Several critics liked to give it positive reviews. Many people even wrote books about their personal experiences while watching “Belief IN LOVE.”

One of the most exciting things that happened while making “Belief IN LOVE.” When the director wanted to include Saleem and Naseer’s kiss, he asked Emra to come in front and do a shot.

She refused, and instead, she put her head between her legs and started to mimic Naseer’s stance. It was funny, yet it made us realize that women in Pakistan have no option but to wear long dresses and act like men.

The movie was successful because it created an impression among people. Some people who saw it loved it while others didn’t. That’s why the success of this movie made way for many more movies to come.

Once “BELIEVE IN LOVE” was a hit, it created a considerable sensation. All movie stars and actresses came out with their movies based on this theme. Some of these movies were successful, while others failed.

This was mainly because people were confused about what they should believe in. If you were one of those people, you would choose to believe in love.

This is why people in Pakistan are always advised to be careful about believing in anything or anyone.

It would help if you were very careful about what you believe in. You shouldn’t just blindly follow anybody and everything. You need to assess your life first and then look for the things which would help you get through life.

In the movie, Saleem and Naseer finally decided to believe in love and were successful at it. But unfortunately, not many people in Pakistan and the whole world could have seen their movie.

After all, it was a big movie. So many people would have been seeing and talking about it. If Saleem and Naseer had been successful, many other people would have believed in love, too. This is why it is necessary to remain realistic and never trust something blindly.

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