10 Upcoming Mega Hit Pakistani Dramas of 2021

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Upcoming Pakistani Dramas of 2021 is an exciting movie that has got many fans all over the world.

10 Upcoming Mega Hit Pakistani Dramas of 2021

It tells the story of a future where four sisters are famous for their romance. They live in the present time and have inherited the capital of their house from their mother.

However, some disaster has destroyed their home, and now, they live in the future Pakistan. This movie tells the love story of these lovely ladies and what hurdles they will have to face in the future to get to the place where they belong.

This movie has received a hot welcome from the people of Pakistan as it depicts the real-life situation of life in the future. The film has been making waves all over the world and has become a big hit.

It tells the story of a girl called Sophie, who falls in love with a boy named Kayan. He is from an impoverished family and is earning less than his father. She’s father complains to the government about the poverty-stricken child, and the authorities finally allow him to enter a top-class school called Mirza-Udeog trucking college.

This college was established just over a decade ago, and it is going to blast the doors of the different students who are going to enter it.

She falls in love with this handsome boy, and the moment she starts college, he tries to run away from her and offers her a good job to move out of the country with her. However, she refuses to leave, and she is determined to get a better position to make a better living.

She is committed to making this dream come true even though all the difficulties she faces are overwhelming. She is also apprehensive about her brother as well as her parents. Her plans for the future are also on the rise as she realizes that she has fallen in love.

The two start having constant fights as their relationship grows, but Sophie is determined to win him over. However, Kayan also senses She’s attraction to him, and he tries to take advantage of this feeling so that he can get in touch with her.

Things get heated between the two as Sophie tries to protect her relationship with Kayan from harm. She’s mother tries to help her in these trying times but to no avail as Kayan continues to pressure her to give up on her dreams.

A year passes, and Sophie finally gets the chance to meet with Kayan. They share a kiss, and soon after, Kayan asks Sophie to marry him. However, Sophie’s mother disagrees with this marriage as she thinks it is too soon for her daughter to get married.

She does not want to lose her mother and wants to finish college first before she gets married. To help her in her endeavor, her best friend decides to help her prepare for marriage. This girl is named Essa, who is very close to Sophie.

When Kayan gets back home, Sophie goes with her mother to attend the marriage ceremony. There, the two girls share a heartwarming moment before She’s groom arrives and starts to press her about getting married right away. She is too shocked at first, but then she agrees to go through with the wedding.

The wedding turns out to be a successful one, and Kayan even asks her parents to leave so that he could get a room for his newly found love.

Two months later, another girl Kayan falls in love with calls him by his name. He tries to ignore her but soon realizes that she is calling him all the time. He asks her to stop calling him by threatening to reveal her identity. She tells him her name, but he ignores her and continues to call her by her name.

It was then that Sophie calls her father and confronts him about her relationship with Kayan. His reaction to this is typical of how he has been treated all his life.

He tells her that Kayan is his daughter and that he loves her very much. Her father then gives her the okay to pursue her dream. She gets engaged soon after. This is a happy ending to an exciting and dramatic tale about a young girl’s dream coming true.

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