2 Batta 8 Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

2 Batta 8 Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

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2 Batta 8 Telefilm is a movie that I had not heard of before. It stars Asif Kapoor and Mahesh Manjoo. 

2 Batta 8 Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

They end up stealing and vandalizing a car belonging to an affluent Indian. The central conflict revolves around the custody of their son. The movie is not a very good watch.

Like most movies where the villain is a villainous character, this one is no different. They are both anti-American and want to destroy America. But unlike the US, in this movie, American soldiers are fighting the villains instead of the terrorists.

The movie has some cool explosions that you would expect to see in a Hollywood movie. They are very well executed. When the explosions happen, you can feel the vibrations through the screen.

The explosions are choreographed like it was done in a professional movie-making. The fight scenes were thrilling to watch.

The music and dialogues are top-notch. The music was catchy. The conversations were authentic. They brought home the point that the heroes were on a mission and we’re on the right path to success.

I felt they pulled it off. The music alone won’t win a movie, but it was undoubtedly effective.

2 Batta 8 Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

The way they fight the terrorists is fantastic. The terrorists have many weapons, including vans, trucks, and motorcycles. The terrorists have also apparently brought with them Chinese weapons.

The US Army attempted to trap the terrorists but failed. Finally, the Americans went in and took out the rest of the terrorists.

The bad guys were killed in the movie, including their daughter, supposedly a Bin Laden lover. The film made me cry about what they had gone through. I didn’t think it was real at first, but then I realized how much drama they had used in this movie.

 In the movie is that the ending seemed to be anticlimactic. I didn’t understand why they cut away when they were about to win.

Overall, this was a fantastic movie. The fighting scenes were natural, and they looked very authentic. The dialogues were honest, and the story was exciting.

 The Bollywood music did a lot to heighten the tension and the action.

The music is just part of the picture, but it added a lot to the movie. It’s a shame there weren’t more films with Bollywood music. I’m sure more studios are going to pick up this style of music. It’s great!

Saleh Mohybi directed this movie. He has produced quite a few films that are very well done. This movie wasn’t as well done as I thought it was. I thought it was OK, but it didn’t stand out from the rest of the films I’ve seen of Bollywood.

I would say the characters were likable. But then again, maybe the actors and actresses were just average. They didn’t deliver their lines accurately.

Some bad guys shouldn’t have been in the film. If they had been, things might have been different.

I thought the movie was slow at times. It seemed they tried to blend in the scenes that they had while showing few action sequences. 

The dialogues were slow and sometimes hard to understand. I think the pace will have to speed up as the story progresses. But then again, maybe not.

Overall, I give this movie an average rating for its story, acting, music, and production. It’s a fun movie that doesn’t hold your hand all the way through. 

But don’t expect too much in the form of plot or character development. This movie wants you to experience the thrill of watching a good movie!

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