Actress With Worst Acting Skills In Pakistani Dramas 2021 | Acting Skills

Actress With Worst Acting Skills In Pakistani Dramas 2021 | Acting Skills

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The famous Pakistani actress, Sohana Saleem, is renowned for her exquisite portrayal of the character of Jawed, a vicious and demanding crime boss, in two popular Pakistani dramas, Hardaway and Karachiabad 47ement.

She has been cast in more than 100 Pakistani and international television programs.

Actress With Worst Acting Skills In Pakistani Dramas 2021 | Acting Skills

She is best known for her fierce and intimidating roles based on hard-core crime and gangster life in Pakistan. Her skillful acting abilities have made her an acknowledged star in Pakistan and worldwide television.

Here are some of her top acting performances that people always look up to:

Hardaway: This award-winning drama serial revolves around a crime that involves a mob that targets a local girl for selling a bargain leaf.

The story then involves the mob’s pursuit of the targeted girl and her friends and family members, resulting in several other complications.

Sohana Saleem, along with co-stars, has won numerous awards for her excellent acting skills in this social media favorite Pakistani dramas.

In this role, she plays the role of Jawed, who is a challenging and intimidating crime boss who rules a small community on the outskirts of the city.

Karachiabad 47ement: This drama serial depicts the rise and fall of a powerful crime boss. It also showcases the contrasting lives of a young girl and a middle-aged man.

The lead character, Murtaza, is played by Sohana Saleem, and his brother Tahir is equally impressive as Saleem’s rival and sometime partner. A strong screen presence and the superb acting skills of Saleem help him effectively play the character of Murtaza.

Karachiabad: This is a rare piece of acting skills from Pakistan which has made it onto the World Wide Web. It is one of the most realistic and dramatic Pakistani dramas ever seen on television. The story revolves around a young woman who falls in love with an older man from a different tribe.

Actress With Worst Acting Skills In Pakistani Dramas 2021 | Acting Skills

However, things go wrong when the woman’s community banishes them and orders their marriage to be performed away from the village.

The woman flees from the wedding and eludes capture for some time, only to be recaptured and brought back into the town. She then plots her ultimate escape and eventual return to her fiance, but that is just the start of what follows.

Wazhlla! This is another exemplary social media favorite Pakistani drama starring Safa Karim. The lead role goes to Nazm Sadiq, who plays a fearless Chella and his dynamic, good guy partner Mustafa. This drama serial tells the story of two unlikely lovers forced to come face-to-face with many personal and political struggles.

Fadyeen Mehmood: This is a brilliant Pakistani drama actress who is best known for her roles in Tootsie Rolls and Bridal Show. She played a pivotal role in this drama serial; Fadyeen Mehmood and Mustafa go through a series of trials and tribulations in the pursuit of love.

The two characters are lovers but are forced to go different ways due to their differences. They manage to work things out despite their differences and ultimately get married to each other.

Saleem Mairaj: One of Pakistan’s best-known and admired actors, Saleem Mairaj was born in Rawal, where he started his professional acting career.

He has since acted in various Pakistani dramas and worked in Hollywood movies such as Kill Bill and Invictus. One of the finest actors of his day, Saleem Mairaj, made his name in the Indian TV drama Bakri.

He became one of the best-known and admired faces of television in India and has gone on to act in theaters all over the world.

Shabbir Jan: Shabbir Jan is a prominent actor of Pakistani and Indian origin. A popular character in popular TV serials, he has gone on to act in Hollywood films and has also received several awards for his acting skills.

A charismatic and charming character, he is the perfect romantic hero for any project.

A versatile and well-rounded actor, he has succeeded in almost every role he has been given.

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