Azmaish Complete Story | Azmaish Pakistani Dramas 2021

Azmaish Complete Story | Azmaish Pakistani Dramas 2021

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Amish is a brand new drama series by the talented Pakistani writer and director Sharad Karan. Although this is an Indian film, it does have an English translation.

Amish Complete Story | Azmaish Pakistani Dramas 2021

As with any new Azmaish production, the script has been overseen by Ranbir Kapoor. He also co-scripted the feature film alongside Sharad Karan.

Amish is set in the ancient Mughal court. The story centers on the daughter of a maharajah. She marries a rich Jaspal, but his interest in her soon takes a substantial turn for the worse.

He starts to take on a controlling interest in her, bugging her and pestering her with phone calls, but when she refuses to leave him, he sends her to live at his estate.

Azmaish Complete Story | Azmaish Pakistani Dramas 2021

Forced to live at Azmaish, she slowly becomes more frustrated. When a boy from the neighborhood happens to pass her, she is overjoyed and thinks that the two of them will start a relationship.

But before they can start, the Jaspal sends his servants to torment Azmaish and keep her away from the boy. But Amish has other plans. She banishes all the servants, including the guards, and the Jaspal is forced to leave. But Azmaish sneaks back into the palace and gets hold of the Sultan’s diary, which has valuable information about the empress and her consort.

The movie Azmaish is based on the diary of a Mughal princess called Madhumat-un-Nabi. The book chronicles the princess’ courtship and marriage to Jaspal, who is very much under the spell of the crown prince. This was not the case, as there were no Mughal royals during that period.

However, the memoirs prove that Azmaish had a passionate love for Jaspal, deeply in love with her. Amish chronicles the gradual deterioration of the relationship between the two.

The princess is slowly forced to meet her man, Jaspal, whom she adores, but the forces of evil capture him.

Amish tells the story from her perspective, and we can sense her grief as well as frustration. This movie is not for the squeamish. There are some genuine scenes of torture, and Azmaish even gets to execute some medieval punishments.

Anushka Shetty is the best actress here. The film is highly stylish, and the costumes worn by the actors set a perfect tone for this production.

However, Anushka Shetty does not appear to be as good as she once was. Her hair is often unkempt, and her facial expression often does not match her character’s facial expressions. But she is an effective actress.

As the story progresses, we come to know more about Jaspal and the Amish. We also come to know about the motivations of the empress and the Sultan. We are also introduced to some other minor characters. Overall, Azmaish is a decent movie.

Though it lacks in plot, Azmaish still makes up for it in other ways. The acting and music are both outstanding. The late Aminah spent the last minutes of the movie characterizing the Sultan, and we could sense her sorrow at not living longer. The film ends with the Sultan leaving, though we do not see him again in the movie.

Om Puri is an unknown name in Hollywood, but he has directed some good movies. Amish is an excellent example of his talent. The film has some great fight scenes.

Om Puri does not waste a lot of time in the main plot. We come to an end after four or five scenes. It is evident from the start that the movie has not been planned out. There are missing scenes, and this is the case with Azmaish as well.

I am not saying that Azmaish is a bad movie. It lacks a bit in planning, and it is evident that a film is planned out before shooting starts.

The result might be great, but the scenes might be cut, and the reason will not be explained. So oversee Azmaish, and do not go rushing into watching it without watching the ending first.

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