Dil e Momin Episode-44 and 45 Review

Dil e Momin Episode-44 and 45 Review

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Dil E Momin Ep-44 and 45 Review – Maya Vanishes From Momin’s Life

The episode starts with Maya leaving the house. She leaves a note for Momin and Aashi. While everyone in the house is worried about Maya, Momin is the last one to try and find her. Maya’s voice haunts Momin and keeps nagging him about her whereabouts. This is a heart wrenching episode that is sure to leave you in tears!


Dil e Mumin, the hit show from Sky Entertainment, is now at the halfway point. At this point, the story has largely become soapy and the focus moves on to the typical two-marriage theme. Maya leaves the house one night with a note for Momin and Aashi. While Momin doesn’t seem bothered, his family is. He is obedient and never disappoints anyone. His childhood love Ashi is the only one to question his loyalty to Momin, despite the fact that she has a relationship with Aashi. However, Maya’s voice continues to haunt him even though he is married to another woman.

After Gohar’s appearance, Annie calls her brother to try and help her. Maya is surprised to see Gohar and tries to take advantage of his jealousy. He presents her with a wedding card and tries to take advantage of her jealousy. However, Momin overhears Gohar congratulating Maya and begins to suspect her motives. Maya’s disappearance leaves Momin suspicious of her intentions.


Dil e Mumin has a lot of emotional twists, and this episode will leave you a little disappointed. After a fight, Maya walks out of Momin’s life. But the drama does not stop there. Aashi is distraught and Momin is unsure what to do. His parents gloat and Momin feels betrayed by Aashi. But his faith in Maya is shaken when his other wife dies.

Although Ana’s death was justified, I did not agree with the way the ending ended. I thought the character was too cold in delivering the news to Ana. The episode lasted 36 minutes and was filled with flashbacks, which could have been skipped. It was a little too much drama for my taste. Besides, the focus of the episode seemed to shift from Amaan to Ana. While I do not necessarily think that the characters should be blamed for the death of their father, I did agree with their decision.

Meer Farooq Zaman

In Dil e Mumin, Meer Farooq Zaman reviews Dils e Momin Ep-44 and 45, she argues that Amaan was justified in taking revenge against Ana. While his motive may have been vengeance, he wanted to expose Ana for her actions. It’s unfortunate that the story’s disclaimer ending defeats that goal.

While there were some positive aspects to the episode, it also had a few flaws. Perhaps the biggest flaw was the way the story ended with the murder of Meer Farooq Zaman. Although he was a well-known businessman in Pakistan, the writer didn’t put much thought into his trial. Ultimately, he chose death over exposing his crimes.

Dil e Momin

Dil e Momin Episode 44 and 45 is a review of the second half of the show. This drama was directed by Samir Khosla and starred renowned actors like Mohib Mirza, Jawed Iqbal, Rehana Akhter, and Shruti Rajagopalan. The series has a strong female lead and a diverse cast.

The ending of Ye Dil Mera is quite interesting. While the episode lasted 36 minutes, we got to know about the past only seven minutes later. This episode was filled with flashbacks and could have easily been shortened. The main focus shifted from Maya and Momin to Ana and Amaan and the writers justified their choices.

Amaan’s guilt

The episode aired on Apr 15 and 16, 2022. The climax of this episode sees Annie’s heart break as Gohar returns to the house with an invitation card for a wedding. Meanwhile, Momin overhears Gohar congratulating Maya, which further makes him suspicious of her motives and dismisses her prayers.

The story is paced with an emotional climax, with Maya disappearing from Momin’s house during the night and leaving a note for Aashi and the rest of the family. While Momin is undeterred, the rest of his family and friends are concerned for her. However, the episode is not a happy ending, as Momin is still not able to find Maya. Her voice haunts him and makes him feel uncomfortable.

Amaan’s love for Meer Farooq Zaman

The scene in which Amaan first approaches Ana in Daryabagh was poorly done. Amaan kept on wooing Ana but her answer made little sense as she had a bigger picture in mind. Instead of showing her love for him, she wanted to preserve their relationship for a while. She should have shown her true feelings for her husband and not just a cold, insincere expression of his emotions.

The ending of the episode was not satisfactory. Amaan and Meer Farooq Zaman did not share a connection, as Amaan was unable to show the love for Meer to his daughter. In addition, the character did not die in a court of law, which made the drama seem unsatisfying.

Amaan’s remorse

After Maya leaves the house and leaves a note, Momin becomes restless. The family is worried about her. Momin’s childhood love Ashi is concerned for her. Momin is hesitant to search for her because he is afraid she might come back. However, Maya’s voice haunts him. He must take care of his own character or risk being judged by his family.

Gohar, Maya, and Momin’s relationship with Allah becomes strained. Maya’s unfaithfulness and hypocrisy cause Momin to question his relationship with Allah. Gohar, meanwhile, wants to exploit Maya’s jealousy by giving her a wedding card. But, Momin overhears Gohar congratulating Maya and becomes suspicious about his motives.

Amaan’s death

The third season of Dil e Momin is coming to a close, and we can’t wait to see what the fourth season has in store for the series. After 44 episodes, the series has already lost its emotional punch and has become far too soapy. The plotline of the second season has moved on from the two marriage theme to a more typical two-marriage story. Despite the fact that we’ve seen Maya’s demise, we can’t help but be worried for Momin.

While the show’s plotlines and characterizations have improved greatly, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. The second season was just as tense. Its main characters were in the worst of conditions, and it was difficult to watch them suffering. The writers have also managed to give us some heartbreaking scenes. However, there’s little that can top the last season’s twisted twist.

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