Dur e Fishan Reacts On Comparison With Mahira Khan 2022

Dur e Fishan Reacts On Comparison With Mahira Khan 2022

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Dur E Fishan Reacts On Comparison With Mahira Khan

If you are wondering how Dur e Fishan Saleem is reacting to the comparison with Mahira Khan, you have come to the right place. This emerging Pakistani actress has been performing in various drama serials and is getting more popular. She has recently appeared in Juda Huway Kuch Is Tarhan and will be seen in Kesi Teri Khudgarzi.

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem’s reaction to editing pictures

A Netizen named Zoya Nasir took to social media to question Dur-e-Fishan Saleeim’s reaction to editing pictures of herself. She was not pleased with the actress’s choice of editing and tagged the Pardes actor in her post. In return, Saleem responded to Zoya’s post. While a netizen does not necessarily endorse what a celebrity does, it is still unsettling to read a fellow actor’s reaction to editing pictures.

The Dilruba actress responded to a netizen’s scathing comment on her Instagram post with a series of pictures from a recent project shoot. In response to the netizen’s comments, Dur-e-Fishan Saleem denied editing the pictures and said that the pictures were taken naturally. She also stressed on how important camera angles are. Curves are a woman’s best features and said that editing doesn’t matter. Zubab Rana, another celebrity friend, dropped emojis under Dur-e-Fishan’s picture. She is slated to appear in ARY’s Ishq Janoon, a rom-com set in an upcoming upscale shopping mall.

As a result, Dur-e-Fishan Saleel’s Instagram followers have steadily increased. In fact, since joining the drama industry, she has racked up more than 442k followers. The actress is ambitious and goal-oriented, and has a love for black. While she is still single, she does not plan to get married anytime soon.

Since entering the showbiz industry, Dur-e-Fishan Saleel has achieved a recognizable place in Pakistan’s television industry. His debut drama serial Dilruba featured her as the elder sister of the lead actress Hania Aamir. Following her successful stint in Dilruba, she has performed a series of supporting roles. Later, she has taken on the role of the CSS officer in the drama Pardes.

In a heartfelt note on Instagram, Dur-e-Fishan Saleeh’s reaction to editing pictures was both humorous and poignant. She revealed that she does not often wear makeup and has glowing skin. When asked about her skincare regime, the actress said: “The film’s editing process has made my skin look healthier than ever!”

During the Lux Style Awards 2021, Saleem appeared in an elegant purple saree, paired with silver earrings. Her makeup was minimal, and her hair was left un-styled. She even gave herself an extra slap on the wrist! The actress looks stunning and has a flair for mixing and matching. With a versatile wardrobe, she can go from formal to informal with minimal effort.

Her relationship with Affan Waheed

The actress feels honored by the comparison because she shares a mutual friend with Mahira Khan. According to Sarmad Khusat, she matches Mahira Khan’s behaviour perfectly. Moreover, Mahira Khan is the biggest star in Pakistan. But what if Mahira Khan were a man? How would Dur e Fishan react to such comparison? We will explore that in this article.

Zoya Nasir is a netizen who doesn’t like the edited pictures of Pakistani celebrities. She recently tagged Dur e Fishan Saleem in her complaint on the topic. The actress then replied to Zoya’s comments by calling her out. This is a classic reaction from the actress. Here’s what she had to say. She explained that it is natural to be critical of someone else, even if the other person is doing it too.

A new comer in the industry, Dur e-Fishan Saleem has been busy with back-to-back hit projects, and is about to act opposite Danish Taimoor in Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi. However, Dur e Fishan is being compared to Mahira Khan owing to the similar appearance and style. Hence, the actor has recently answered the questions on the subject of the comparisons.

Fans of Mahira Khan were quick to respond to the trolls, but Mahira fans were more supportive of Saba. Mahira has a larger personality than Saba, and Mahira tends to stay quiet in the middle of a conversation. To address the trolls, Mahira posted a secret reaction, which Saba fans immediately connected to Saba’s.

Her reaction to comparison with Mahira Khan

One of the rising stars of Pakistani showbiz, Dur e Fishan Saleem, has been dubbed the doppelganger of Mahira Khan. The rising star has reacted with delight to the comparison, saying she does not mind being compared to her idol. She considers it an honour. However, she has a different reaction to the comparison than the popular Bollywood actress.

Fans of Saba Qamar also reacted to the comparison by pointing out that Mahira Khan has more personality than Saba, and she is often silent in the midst of debates. But Mahira herself recently responded to the trolls by posting a secret message. As fans connected the post to Saba, it prompted a debate. The actress also has more films to her credit than Mahira.

After breaking up with her Shehnai hero, Dur e-Fishan is currently single. The actress has also refused to work with Affan in the film Pardes, because she wasn’t confident that she would be able to translate Urdu into English. The actress says she was nervous about working with the newcomer because of a concern about the actor’s Urdu language skills.

It is unfortunate that Dur e Fishan has been accused of copying Mahira Khan’s hairstyle, but she has done a good job of proving that she can act just as well. Mahira Khan was a strong actress in Pardes, and it would have been unfair to compare her with her. However, Dur e Fishan has a good character in Pardes, so she is not a bad choice for the role.

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