Heart Touching Rich Hero Poor Heroine Pakistani Dramas 2021

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It is known that Pakistani dramas are among the best and most loved amongst all genres of screenplays.

Heart Touching Rich Hero Poor Heroine Pakistani Dramas 2021

This is because the content of a typical Pakistani drama is more about human dramas and more about the humane side of the human personality.

These dramas deal with different issues like love, honor, grief, family, rage, etc. These stories also deal with varying types of challenges facing the very human characters.

They are based on actual events, and many times the actors and actresses indulge in these roles to make their audiences feel the emotions and the experiences that these characters go through.

Anwar is a typical example of an ordinary Pakistani story. It is about a young woman called Rawya who comes from a low-income family. She has to marry an older man, Mustafa, to raise her daughter Safia and become a housewife at the same time.

She loves her husband and tries to make his life as comfortable as possible, but both soon realize that something is missing from their marriage. Soon they find that they are falling out of love with each other, and the movie focuses on their marriage and their future.

Another story related to these dramas is about Sholto. He is a war-hardy young man who is always trying to prove himself in any way that he can.

When he meets an older man who tells him of a great and mighty warrior, he sets out to enlist for the army. Instead, however, he is thrown into an extreme situation in which the only thing that stands between them is their mutual love for each other.

This is one of the first stories to win awards at the Pakistan International film festival. It is a story of two cousins who get caught up in the turmoil of war. However, once the war is over, they find themselves reunited but in entirely different positions.

The story shows their determination to stay together and how their different circumstances have taught them to do this. It is a touching story about two lovers who want to give it their all but have their limits. Yet, both are true to themselves and remain faithful to each other until the very end.

The other two Pakistani dramas that won awards at the film festival are called “Tale Of Life.” It is about a happily married couple who have both been widowed. They have been married for twenty-five years, and although they are still affectionate with each other, they have to adjust to being widows.

They slowly accept their new situation and the roles that need to be played by a widow and a husband. The story beautifully portrays their married life, and it is a remarkable tale of how their love has blossomed despite the odds of life.

The most recent Pakistani romantic comedy ‘Chor a Baad’ or ‘The Heart Baiting Adventure’ is based on the life of a talented actress called Sharbat Karzai. She is not only beautiful but also incredibly proud of her looks and career.

However, her marriage to a much older man crumbled, and she had to face many responsibilities. To save her marriage, she agrees to enter a contest that involves dancing for the Emperor of Egypt. She wins and thus fulfills her destiny.

A sad story of a young girl called Malala Yousuf whose tragedy was that her best friend was killed. She was so low that she decided to join the army and fight to prove that she was a great fighter. So after completing her training, she decided to promote to the military and join the 4 Indian Division.

Her promotion was unexpected, and even the Director of the film saw the potential in her. After earning many awards and getting the rank of Colonel, she was nominated for the Best Female Student Person of the Month and later for the Best Actress award at the International Airlines Oscars.

These three Pakistani dramas are some of the finest examples of true stories. They are all true to life and portray the various emotions that a person goes through during their life.

They will keep you engaged and glued to the screen. You will forget about your problems and will be thankful that you have seen this story. So, enjoy these Pakistani dramas to the fullest and feel happy.

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