Left Right Left Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

Left Right Left Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

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The Left-Right Theatre, in the city of Karachi, is a rare piece of Left-Right Public Art.


Left Right Left Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

The name Left Right refers to both the political Left and Right Parties in Pakistan. Left-Right is a registered International political party.

Their objective is to create a “pure democracy,” an “economic welfare state,” and a” fairer sex” in Pakistan. 

Their manifesto includes building roads, free education, free health care, national unity, combating communalism, promoting a pan-racial economy, and ending the Indian Occupation in Kashmir.

Pakistan’s Left and Right have much to contribute to our culture, but the Left-Right Party has so far been able to do it best.

This is all the more reason why we should take our culture seriously, protect it and promote it with our media production.

The Left-Right Telefilm can play a significant role in preserving our heritage and helping to spread the culture. We need them to tell the right things about Pakistan, to make us proud of our history.

The Left-Right Telefilms was started in 1974 as a mini-production company, which produced low-budget movies for local and foreign audiences.

Left Right Left Telefilm Pakistani Dramas | Telefilm Pakistani Dramas 2021

Telefilms had been a successful business for decades in the Pakistan film industry before starting the Left-Right Telefilm.

The first telefilms were made on camel and pony trains between Rawal lake and Peshawar. These films helped to popularize the camel film industry in the rural areas, which led to the demand for cheaper video cameras and a revival of interest in motion pictures.

The success of the Left-Right Telefilm Company prompted similar companies to start producing telefilms with Left and Right panels.

These films increased our knowledge about Left and Right and made us appreciate other genres of cinematography. 

Telefilms are shot on an enormous scale, which requires skilled crew and modern equipment. A Left-Right Telefilm company should be well equipped to cater to all your film and TV requirements.

The Left and Right panes of a Left-Right Telefilm are usually formed by two separate panels mounted on a glass backdrop.

A matte box is placed on the top half of the panes, and a light inside the box is set to illuminate both panes. Both sides of the film can be viewed through the right and left panes at the same time.

This technique of splitting the screen enables to make of extensive and deep films. Telefilms made with this method can display powerful images.

Left Right is the leading telefilm company in Pakistan, and they learned this art while working with the award-winning films of 1973’s golden age.

He later founded the Left-Right Telefilm Company to manufacture and export the films to international countries and attend international film festivals. Advanced equipment to capture memorable events in the most appropriate way.

The Left-Right works as the distributor for various international companies. It releases its films made with the same techniques and format as those of other companies.

These films are distributed throughout the world by the company. Telefilms are shot on a digital medium that is capable of displaying the image beautifully. ,

Experienced professionals then edit them, and the panes of the film are inserted on slides displayed before the audience.

Panels are manufactured on a large scale by the Left-Right Telefilm Company and manufacture thousands of films every month. It is prevalent among filmmakers and people who make their living in Bollywood.

Each film produced by the company is given a certification card that carries its name, address, and contact details. These cards are precious and cannot be destroyed. Left-Right is a company that has helped many people make a living.

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