Most Popular Dramas Of Bilal Abbas Khan

Most Popular Dramas Of Bilal Abbas Khan

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The leading and most popular characters in Pakistani Dramas are generally depicted as intellectuals or socialites.

Most Popular Dramas Of Bilal Abbas Khan

This is the general belief about most Pakistani dramas. However, many other characters who have become popular can also be classified as intellectuals like Shaukat Banjara and Mina Khatun.

There are many more socialites, politicians, and businessmen who have made their mark in the industry of Pakistani Dramas. Here are the top 10 popular Dramas Of Bilal Abbas Khan.

The first and foremost amongst the ten most popular and well-known Pakistani dramas, called Aabara, is about a young girl named Prem Chopra. It is one of the most popular and classic Abbas Khan sagas.

In this drama, Prem is brought up as Abbas, educated and trained at a madrasa (art college). She later converts to Islam and goes to the holy shrines in Pakistan to learn the profession of a Muslim bride. She later falls in love with a younger boy and elopes to the United States.

The second character in the top 10 dramas of Bilal Abbas Khan is called Mina. Mina is from a prominent family in Pakistan and is known for her beauty and intellect. Mina is the younger sister of Moseyed. Mina is a talented singer and dancer and also very respectful of her sister’s talent. Her role in the drama is essential and is one of the major plotlines.

The third character in the top 10 dramas of Bilal abbas is called Shariful Badar. She is played by an actress named Shariful Badar. She is one of the sisters of Mina.

The fourth character in the drama is named Saleh. He is played by an eligible male actor called Saleh Mohiuddin. He is the father of Saleh’s daughter, Hina. Hina is one of the main characters in the story.

The fifth character is named Bitta. Bitta is the mother of Saleh and is very protective of her daughter. Bitta has a solid connection with Saleh’s sister Hina. Bitta is one of the main characters in the movie. Bitta is also an essential part of the narrative.

The final character is called Zainab. She is an orphan and has a mysterious past. One thing that is clear about Zainab is that she is connected to the character known as Mina. She is also connected to the girl called Saleh.

The leading lady in the film is named Hina. Hina is an artist and is well known throughout Pakistan. Hina’s husband, Abubaker, is played by Imtiaz Senna.

As the story unfolds, Saleh and his daughter Mina are forced to leave their home. They go to live in a rented flat. When Saleh starts to work late, his employers find out about him and make him leave. Mina’s boyfriend, a boy called Bitta, comes to know this and starts avoiding her. Bitta later joins a gang that torturing girls for money.

Bitta falls in love with Saleh’s daughter Hina. He also tries to seduce Saleh’s other daughter, Fatima. Eventually, Saleh realizes that Bitta is a terrorist and decides to free him. However, Bitta tries to kill Saleh and is killed in the process. Later, Saleh goes to Pakistan and tells the American president about Bitta’s murder.

The movie then shows Saleh’s half-sister Mina. Mina is mentally disabled and is used as a foot soldier for the terrorist organization. She is also married to an American soldier and gets the name, Lisa.

After her marriage, Mina decides to get an education. She enrolls in a college in Washington D.C., where she meets Kamala, a Pakistani agent who tries to help her. Kamala and Saleh soon spot mina. Mina and Saleh decide to form a team to fight against terrorists shortly.

At the end of the film, we see that an American family has adopted Mina. We also see that her father has died. In the end, it is shown that Saleh and Mina start a life together. Bilal Abbas Khan has written a touching story of a boy brought up in the US who turns into a man and enjoys the happiness and joys of a free life in America.

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