Most Popular Dramas Of Iqra Aziz | Top 10 Most Popular Serials Of Iqra Aziz

Most Popular Dramas Of Iqra Aziz | Top 10 Most Popular Serials Of Iqra Aziz

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Iqra Aziz belongs to a family of celebrities. She is known for her different roles in movies and other media as well. Aziz was born in Karachi.

Most Popular Dramas Of Iqra Aziz | Top 10 Most Popular Serials Of Iqra Aziz

She has represented her country on different occasions like Miss World, the Best Female award, and many more. She has been able to create an identity for herself because of her unique features.

Iqra Aziz has established a firm name in the acting field. She has found a strong reputation in the acting field by portraying lead roles in different brilliant dramas.

Iqra Aziz has proven her talent in the early stage of her career by playing other lead characters in different romantic and comedy movies. She has shown her acting skills by playing various exciting characters in a short period of her acting career.

Aziz first acted in a Pakistani film, ‘Chi Wakar.’ She then appeared in few more films after that. After a powerful performance in the movie ‘Chi Wakar,’ Aziz was able to grab the leading role in a high-profile teleplay ‘Kurban.’

The teleplay was a critical success, and Aziz won the best actress award for this particular role. After this success, Aziz was able to establish her name in the acting career.

Iqra Aziz also displayed her acting skills while playing leading roles in different high-profile dramas. She was also able to win some critical acclaim for her performances in ‘Saqar,’ ‘Muhammad Ali Zindoor,’ ‘Mankatha,’ and ‘Aabara.’ All these have made Aziz one of the finest-known actresses in the world of the independent drama industry.

There are various reasons behind Aziz’s success in her appearances in Indian on-screen dramas. One of these is the attractive and eye-catching looks that make her look more appealing to the viewers than other actresses. Most Indian audience loves to watch suno chand

These are heavy-laden sagas, where the main character Chanda follows their zest for life. The plots of these sagas are usually about love, jealousy, and revenge.

Barbara is a fantastic storyutiful girl named Suno Chanda who falls in love with a boy named Bikram and ends up following him to both her home and Bikram’s house.

Aziz’s appealing looks and appealing acting skills have endeared her to many film and TV directors. She has acted in some high-budget Hollywood movies like Mumbai Suit, Endless Punjab, Crazy Heart, etc.

Other big-budget Indian films that she is working in include; Kaal Baad (Kali), Aurangzeb, No Ordinary Family, Mumbai Blues, Dabhi Ghoshal, Payah ka Donya, Zishy Krantz, Kya Kool Hainan, and dozens more. As a result of all these varied, Aziz has become one of the most popular and well-known faces in Indian acting.

Aziz has also played lead roles in lesser-known Indian dramas like Maqbool Fida Husain’s Baahubali, Kya Zuazha, and Chhotelal Kapoor’s Laxadi Kala Yatra.

All these lead roles helped her in earning critical acclaim and further success. Most of her parts are in English movies. Some notable examples are; Bridget Jones Diary, Delhi, Kiteja, Iruvar, Welcome, Mumbai, etc.

Most Popular Dramas Of Iqra Aziz | Top 10 Most Popular Serials Of Iqra Aziz

There is no doubt that Asma Aziz has been able to cast a spell on the hearts of several film critics and audiences all across the world. She has been referred to as the ‘Indian Leotta.’

Aziz’s onscreen persona and her varied acting performances have made her one of the best-known actresses in Bollywood. A few other names that have made Aziz famous include Rajkumar Kohli, Ravi Teja, and Ravi Verma.

Almost everything about Asma Aziz has been the talk of the town, especially her acting skills, which she has rarely shown onscreen.

She has played various emotional roles, and the most crucial character in one of her recent films is that of Javed Akhtar’s character in Lakhme Babu. Javed Akhtar plays a character called Mina, who falls in love with Asma after noticing her missing hand.

The chemistry between the two develops gradually until they realize that they are soul mates. This romantic drama was one of the most loved dramas in the Baahubali franchise.

Another important actor who did not quite get the recognition he deserved is Rajinikanth. He did star turns in two exciting films, Om Shanti Om and Rana. But in the last few years, Rajinikanth has been relegated to mere background decoration in major Baahubali films.

This is in contrast to his earlier roles, where he was an integral part of the storyline. In Om Shanti Om, he plays an aging Sanjay, who tries to lead a peaceful life after he is supposedly killed in a plane crash.

But when his daughter Sunayuna arrives to take his place, he gets reminded of his past life and starts having nightmares.

Most people would describe Durga Puja as one of the most romantic films ever made. This is the role of a character like Neverland, which is depicted in the best possible manner.

This character possesses all the princess qualities but turns out to be different as she falls in love with an obnoxious neighbor from Delhi. This role went through tremendous changes and challenges but finally reached a zenith with the release of Durga Puja.

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