10 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas 2021

10 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas 2021

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My Top 10 Pakistani Dramas for Screen Release in Pakistan and India

Pakistani Dramas are a rage among television viewers all over the world. The popularity of these Pakistani shows can be traced back to the popular television serials of the ’90s. 

These television serials were very popular among the people then, and the same can be said about them now.

People love to watch these television serials either at home on a weekend or any time they get some free time. They love to sit in front of the television and watch these Pakistani Dramas.

The only way to relax while spending leisure time in the presence of your loved ones is to watch various dramas, especially while having a delicious cup of coffee or tea. If you wonder how much Pakistani dramas have been observed worldwide, you must be proud of this fact.

These Pakistani Dramas have been aired on various channels, and the list of tracks that have been telecasted for people to watch is truly astounding. 

These TV serials are being aired in almost every country of the world right now. Well, if you do not know where these fantastic television serials have been telecasted into people’s homes, then you should all the time ask someone who knows.

Well, the truth is that you will not find a single Pakistani drama that has not been telecasted into people’s homes. There have been some notable and famous actors and actresses who have played significant roles in Pakistani dramas.

Most of the time, you will see a cameo role played by a famous actress or a famous director, but the real star is usually a super actor or an actress. A major highlight of these Pakistani Dramas is the great dialogues that are interspersed throughout the shows.

10 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas 2021

It is because of these dialogues and the fantastic acting that people all over the world love and enjoy watching these Pakistani Dramas.

Some famous and outstanding actresses featured in Pakistani Dramas include; Shazahn Padamsee, Mumtaz Hussain, Sharukh Khan, Mika Mehendi, Kaykhan Yosef, Shah Rukh Khan, Sharukh Khan, and many more.

These ladies have been able to take up the roles that have been fit for women of their caliber and all-time popular.

I have known Sharukh Khan since my college days, and he has always been an actor who can play the role of a villain and a hero at the same time without losing any emotions or becoming fake.

He has always shown sensitivity and humanity to the ladies. The ability to act on the big screen has been successful in some movies that have won them the best actor awards.

The serial killer drama called “Karachiabad Ke Da Pakistan” is one of my favorite Pakistani dramas, which I have enjoyed immensely. 

 On the top list of most downloaded drama in all the popular download directories. The story of this serial is about a serial killer known as Ranbir, who Shazahn Padamsee plays.

He was once an employee of the government but was shifted to a remote job in a bank due to his association with the dreaded terrorist named Ashura. After a series of brutal murders of banks and other establishments, the authorities became suspicious of Ranbir and had been searching for him ever since.

Another best drama recently released on television was the movie called “Chak De! Pakistan”. 

It is about a group of children thrown into an army camp after becoming prey to some terrorists and following them for three years while the army tries to save them.

Another one of the best dramas recently released on television is called “Dhaka Deewana Malawi.” It is about a young Malay girl waiting for her mother to return from abroad and falls in love with a local boy.

She is constantly forced to move from town to town due to her parent’s continually shifting. She eventually gets herself enrolled at a boarding school that a famous philanthropist runs.

The story follows her throughout her various experiences there and makes it a very likable and relatable drama. Most of the Pakistani dramas focus on human dramas and are aimed at a female audience.

I am releasing the second part of my article, “My Ten Best Pakistani Dramas for screen release, ” based on the two-part episode of “Chak De! Pakistan”.

I will also be releasing part three of my article on the same topic. It will be entitled These three episodes of “Chak De! Pakistan” were some of my favorites of all time, and the first two parts are easy enough to make any Pakistani happy.

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