Most Popular Pakistani Dramas Of Each Year (2015-2020)

Most Popular Pakistani Dramas Of Each Year (2015-2020)

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Most Popular Pakistani Dramas of All Time: This year saw another installment of our favorite social-issues dramas, this one being “ticket.”

Most Popular Pakistani Dramas Of Each Year (2015-2020)

In this drama, a young bride is forced to remarry after her first husband is killed in a gun battle. He was a prominent Baloch leader who was murdered along with his family and relatives. The narrative here is of a devastated woman trying to pick up the pieces while struggling with depression.

No Pakistani Story I remember had these levels of social consciousness remotely. But then again, I also remember many such social issues serials that were popular even though they were not hugely popular among Pakistanis.

So, I guess we can put these two together and say that it has come a long way since the early 90s. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Pakistani dramas of this decade.

Faisal: This was the first full-length animated film that was ever screened in Pakistani cinemas. It was released in 2021 and was well received by critics and movie lovers across the country.

The storyline revolves around a young girl, Hana, who is sold into slavery after her stepfather tries to sell her to a merchant. She is saved by a philanthropic man, Saleem, and becomes an actress and an activist against slavery.

No One But You: This is the third installment in the famous Pakistani dramas called Alvida. It is a biopic about the actress, Sharukh Khan, who plays the lead role. In this story, she is once again tasked to play the role of a committed lady killer. It is a simple story with an exciting plot but never refuses to be entertained despite the relatively slow pace.

Karachi Butt: This popular Pakistani drama depicts the life of a young woman, Nahybir, who goes to a reformatory after being ‘caught.’ She then returns to her home and tries to lead an unhappy living there. She soon realizes that she wants to get out of her ‘shack.’

It was one of the most-watched television shows on Pakistani television channels. The story was so famous that it was later released as an animated film on the DVD.

Asma And Usman: This is one of the most beloved Pakistani comedies. The lead character is a young woman called Asma who endures a life of abject poverty in rural Pakistan. She also takes physical abuse at the hands of her stepfather and uncle.

Though it may seem utterly fictitious, millions of viewers across the globe found it to be so accurate that they nominated Asma for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2021. It was also highly praised in Pakistan for being a witty and refreshing comedy.

These are just some of the most popular Pakistani dramas that have found their way into the hearts of television viewers worldwide. These shows entertain the audience and teach them about the different social issues facing Pakistan today.

These social issues have been the primary cause for a rise in anti-Hollywood movies that have been produced with the help of people from Pakistan and abroad to address these issues.

This season 3 of Asma and Usman has already been picking up speed. The third installment focuses on the relationship between Asma and her friend Bait ul Baat. They try to evade the police, and Bait ends up getting kidnapped by terrorists.

Suppose you want to catch up with your favorite Pakistani drama this season. In that case, you can always watch Asma and Usman on TV channels available in Pakistan, including the leading cable TV channels.

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