New serial on HUM TV 2021 | Top Dramas List 2021

New serial on HUM TV 2021 | Top Dramas List 2021

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Today marks the initiation of a brand new serial on Hum TV called “Muhabbat.” It is being directed by Shaqielle Khan & written by Saima Akram Chaudhary from an all-original script written by him.

New serial on HUM TV 2021 | Top Dramas List 2021

This serial will be aired on Hum TV, a satellite channel of India. This is the first episode of this brand new serial, which will be aired later this month.

Muhabbat was conceptualized when Hum TV producer Ravi Kumar approached the director to adapt his novel “Aabir,” which is based on Arabic culture.

This serial will be on all news channels of India worldwide. Initially, Hum TV was launched just for Hindi-speaking audiences, but now it has spread its wings across all communities and regions of India.

It has the potential to expand its brand name into different genres. And as it has evolved into a brand name for news, it has launched the series in several genres like education, crime, cooking, lifestyle, etc.

In this super-action-thriller, an international terrorist organization called the Islamic State is planning to attack India.

 The Indian government needs to find out information about the terrorist cell. 

With the help of a special agent named Abu Jasim, an Indian national, the directors of various intelligence agencies combine their resources to catch the terrorist leaders.

They are planning to come to the land of India to join their husbands and sisters in the holy temple of Amarnath in northern India.

New serial on HUM TV 2021 | Top Dramas List 2021

But, all of a sudden, their car breaks down in the middle of the highway, and they realize that they have crossed the border into India without informing their husbands. To save their lives, the sisters decide to sneak into a van transported by truck drivers.

The two girls escape, and after hiding for three days in a nearby forest, they finally return to Delhi. 

However, their stay in Delhi is cut short when the terrorists launch a massive attack on Delhi and kill all its top officials.

The police suspect the terrorists of involvement in the murder and immediately lock them in jail. 

They inform their Indian counterparts about the critical situation, and they get the cooperation of the Indian administration and the Home Ministry to release them.

But, all of a sudden, one of the terrorists escaped from his jail and has taken control of the administration building. He threatens to blow up the prison if the prison authorities do not hand him over to the Indian authorities.

Interrogators of the prison find out that one of the guards was involved in the plot and planned the escape. To save the life of the prime minister of India, the authorities send in a team led by a well-known and highly trained hostage negotiator to negotiate with the terrorist.

But the terrorist proves to be very tough and fights back using all his weapons, including his knowledge of military communications.

Now the government needs all the human resources to execute this task as it has lost most of its forces. Two helicopter gunships are also sent to fight the fire, but they prove useless.

Then only helicopters with more advanced technology and the skills of a group of highly trained and expert commandos and agents (special forces) from the Indian Army are used to execute the operation.

But the terrorists manage to escape, and a big hole is created in the government’s plans.

This is the first Indian serial launched in HD, something which many television channels refuse to do. New serial ohm TV has the potential to make history.

It is directed by Shimit Amin, who is best known for his Hindi films. Amin has many popular movies to his credit, including Kismet Konnection and Mankatha. Amin has also co-written a book with Kamal Amrohi – Don’t Worry.

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