Pakistani drama ratings 2021 | 05 Pakistani Dramas of 2021 with Highest TRP Ratings

Pakistani drama ratings 2021 | 05 Pakistani Dramas of 2021 with Highest TRP Ratings

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The first thing to note is that Pakistani dramas have always been popular, both in the country and abroad. Pakistan has always had a massive following of people who love to watch various popular television serials and plays, both classic and modern.

Pakistani drama ratings 2021 | 05 Pakistani Dramas of 2021 with Highest TRP Ratings

As it happens, Pakistani dramas have always been some of the most-watched shows on TV. So you’d be surprised at the Pakistani drama ratings, which have increased over the past few years. Here’s a look at the best-loved Pakistani and Indian dramas on TV today.

Munnar: This is one of the most-watched comedy serials on TV today. It’s set in the tiny hill station of Munnar, Kerala, in Southern India, and is a hilarious take on Indian life and hospitality. It tells the story of an alcoholic plumber, Dayanand, who travels to Munnar searching for work after losing his last job.

 the local girl, Jhilam, and the two of

Iqbal – This is one of the most-watched soap operas on TV today. It’s a modern-day take on the story of the famous Iqbal, who is a merchant in the timeless story of “The Arabian Nights.” This show follows the life of the young Iqbal as he starts in the city, rises in power, becomes a powerful royal official, and then falls from favor to begin a love affair with his friend. It’s a romantic story with an exciting storyline and one that appeals to all ages.

Pakistani drama ratings 2021 | 05 Pakistani Dramas of 2021 with Highest TRP Ratings

Anushka: Another one of the most popular Hindi movies of all time, Anushka tells a young woman called Anushka who falls in love with an older man.

However, things don’t go as planned, and she ends up married to an abusive man. However, she has the strength and courage to leave everything that she loved, especially her beloved Anushka, and pursue her dream of becoming a lady. This shows the resilience of women and how they can be strong and stubborn at the same time.

Zinda Kayy: One of the most recent additions to Pakistani drama shows is a 16-year-old girl called Zinda Kayy. She has a father who runs a thriving business, but he neglects her and spends most of his time in a casino. Zinda comes from a low-income family, and she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor like her mother. The show is top-rated amongst the girls because of its bold storyline and beautiful heroine.

Dost saver – This is yet another story of a young girl sent to a boarding school by her parents. She loves her father, but he doesn’t have a reasonable opinion about the way she dresses.

As a result, Dost decides to live away from home. And as things progress, she develops strong feelings for him. This is yet another popular show amongst the girls.

Hamza aliyah: This is a story of a girl called Rawal, who fell in love with a boy and married another man. However, she later decided to change her mind and get remarried.

After getting divorced from her first husband, she decided to get herself back into the public eye. Her new marriage helped her rise through the ranks of Pakistan’s society, and she was eventually promoted to a cabinet position. This is a popular show amongst the younger generation.

These dramas are based on actual events, and many people watch them because of their thrilling and adventurous nature. In some of the movies, the actors will face murder charges and other controversies.

However, as these shows are more fictional, they are not treated as real affairs. Hence, Pakistani drama ratings help us understand how and where the love affair between the characters in the show took place and why it progressed as it did.

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