10 Mega Hit Pakistani Dramas of 2021 | Pakistani Dramas Top Hum tv List

10 Mega Hit Pakistani Dramas of 2021 | Pakistani Dramas Top Hum tv List

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Pakistani Dramas rank at the top of all Pakistani movies ever made. These are some of the best movie genres in Pakistan, and everyone enjoys watching these movies.

10 Mega Hit Pakistani Dramas of 2021 | Pakistani Dramas Top Hum tv List

There are many reasons why Pakistani films are popular, and one is the terrific acting talent that has been shown in recent movies. As a result, some Pakistani Dramas of 2021 have ranked high on my “10 mega-hit movies of 2021” list.

Baahubali: This movie has earned praises from critics and movie lovers across the globe for its brilliant cinematography and visual effects that depict a dream-like quality.

The story behind the movie goes about a princess who an evil king locks up, and she refuses to give up her power and freedom. Finally, with the help of an ancient magic spell, she can free herself and win back the throne of her land.

Dhole Prem: This movie is another masterpiece that I had a tough time watching. It is directed by Saleh Khan and has been receiving warm accolades ever since it was released.

It is about a young girl who gets accidentally picked up in the terrorists’ secret meeting. Unfortunately, she ends up getting killed in the process and has to carry out the revenge of her murdered loved one.

10 Mega Hit Pakistani Dramas of 2021 | Pakistani Dramas Top Hum tv List

I Love You Again: This movie continues to be one of my favorite Pakistani movies of all time. It’s about two lovers who get back together after a couple of years.

They have finally gotten over a severe breakup a few years back, but things have changed since then.

Iqbal Sikka: Asghar Khan directed this movie. It is about a young man who marries an older woman and becomes a millionaire quickly.

Successful marriage in Pakistani cinema. Moreover, the chemistry between the actors and actresses in this movie was simply outstanding.

Nazneen: This movie revolves around a young girl, Nazneen, who falls in love with Adnan’s local boy. But when the boy gets captured by terrorists, Nazneen flees to India with her father.

There, she meets a much older version of herself, whom she instantly falls in love with. 

 It depicts how her courage and strong spirit would change her life and those around her.

The Wedding: This movie stars actress Sharukh Khan along with an A-list actor named Sheetal Azhar. The film is about a young girl who marries an older man to get remarried and start her family.

These are just some of the Pakistani movies that have made a list. These movies are all perfect for watching and will not disappoint any Pakistani audience.

If you are a Pakistani fan, these Pakistani movies will make you go crazy about them. See them in all their glorious colors. Then, you won’t regret it.

No Pakistani should miss out on having these movies in their video collection. You can buy them online, too; there are plenty of online stores that sell these movies. So, what are you waiting for?

Every time a movie is released in Pakistani cinemas, the news becomes a hot topic.

 Everyone talks about it and discusses it till the day dies. Every time a star from Hollywood lands in Pakistan, everybody goes all out to watch it.

These movies are no less than a national treasure and should be viewed by all. All ages can watch them.

So, now you know what are Pakistani movies and what are they all about? Browse through the list and buy a copy. Once you have them in your video collection,

you will never let them out of your sight. So, whenever you feel bored, switch on the television and enjoy. After all, it is the first thing that you do every day!

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