Phaans Drama | Pakistani drama television series premiere on Hum TV

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Aired on Tuesday, November 8, Phaans Drama follows the social issues of Pakistan. 

The story revolves around the young, intelligent daughter of a landed aristocrat and her relationship with a commoner, Saleh.

Phaans Drama | Pakistani drama television series premiere on Hum TV

The two are thrown into a war-torn land where they encounter battles, camaraderie, corruption, and many other social issues. 

However, it is not an unrealistic story for modern society. Many have described the show as a coming-of-the-age story for television.

To bring life to the television drama, the directorial team has made it a point to blend traditional and contemporary elements.

For instance, the main characters, Saleh and his daughter, have a conventional touch.

The sets are designed to emulate rural Pakistan and its culture. As such, the costumes worn by the female characters are long, loose clothes embroidered with colorful patterns; the designs emphasize the embellishments worn by rural women.

Furthermore, the makeup applied to both Saleh and his daughter highlights their ethnicities: Saleh having thick skin and long lashes, while his daughter has light skin with dark almond-shaped eyes.

 Phaans Drama. Although there are no mahogany dolls or drums, the story involves many mahogany plantations where the story’s characters live.

For instance, Saleh and Ali Tughlaou are natives of the Arang territory in central Pakistan, where they own a dairy farm and are forced to work on the farms for low wages.

So, how is a Pakistani drama serial created? The drama schedule is composed of five or six episodes. Each episode has a start date, and the directors and producers want to ensure that the social issues that exist at the time of the start date do not overshadow the storyline.

They ensure that the storylines do not conflict with each other, and the social issues are given prominence in each episode.

The first installment of the new Pakistani drama serial drama titled “Phaens” was recently aired on Anarkali TV.

 Who belongs to a conservative village. Afterward, after their son is the bridegroom, they realize that their society had been stereotyped.

They then decide to elope. This serial will be followed by the second installment, titled “Alive Eyes.”

In the second episode of the new Pakistani drama serial “Alive Eyes,” the leading lead roles of Shoba and Nizam are played by talented actors Hamza and Safaaz.

 Couple’s history, their relationship with the other characters, their aspirations, and their ultimate destination.

We also get to see how the whole society became involved in supporting Nizam and Shoba’s marriage.

While the first episode ends with the couple getting away in an Air Force helicopter, a mysterious and highly confidential attack is kept secret until the end of the season.

 In the second episode and everyone will join in the celebration of the newlywed’s upcoming nuptials.

Now for the big surprise! The eagerly awaited second episode of Phaans Drama, titled “Alive Eyes,” was recently released on Anarkali TV and is already becoming one of the most-watched shows in Pakistan!

The story kicks off when a newlywed couple, assisted by a special agent (Nizam), arrives at a Pakistan Frontier province hospital.

The couple’s agent has been tasked to determine if any coup d’etat was going on or if any terrorists are holding the facility hostage.

To complicate matters further, they are being kept under false suspicion and are asked to prove their innocence before a military judge.

The story’s plot revolves around a top-secret government facility called the Karol Bagh that houses the top officials of Pakistan’s government.

The station is constantly under threat from terrorists and other security threats, and to ensure the security of the public, strict procedures are implemented to check visitors’ identities.

To complicate matters even more, the head of the station is ordered to murder a terrorist, and if he fails, then his life will be taken.

With an emotional twist of events, Nizam and Shoba are accused of murder. They are brought before the military judge,

a part of the newly formed Al Qaeda organization. Although both of them are cleared of any wrongdoing, their long-awaited promotion is denied. The fate of Nizam and Shoba is left to the readers as the 2nd June ends.

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