SAFAR TAMAM HOWA Drama Pakistani Hum TV Cast 2021

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Welcome to another exciting installment of “Hum Sham Ram Adshyayan,” starring Sukhwinder Singh and Irshad Khan as the lovable duo, Safar Tamam Hatha and Safar Kamal!

SAFAR TAMAM HOWA Drama Pakistani Hum TV Cast 2021

There she befriends an older lady called Aman Jafar, who helps her financially. The two get involved in many schemes and plots that are seen on screen. Watch episodes of “Hum Sham Ram Adshyayan,” including the hilarious rapport between the two lead characters.

 “azaatka al Muslim billion kaya,” we see the show’s climax when the loyalists throw a party for Saleh. But Saleh gets drunk and attacks Saleh’s uncle. The people try to save Saleh but to no avail.

Then Saleh gets help from his old friend Jafar who threatens to burn Saleh to death if he does not give up the secret of his son’s affair with Amani. But Saleh tells everything, and Jafar gets tipped off and goes to confront Saleh’s lover.

This soap drama serial is about a young girl called Amani who arrives in Pakistan from England and is very close to her cousin Saleh, played by Syed Jawad. 

When Amani’s cousin falls ill, Saleh comes to her house to help her out, but when Saleh’s friend Jafar arrives, they become enemies.

This leads to the show’s events, which take place in several different locations across the country, including Hyderabad. The first episode of SAFARAM HOWA Drama is titled “Nazar Masama Badal Ke Teeka.”

The story begins with a riot that happens in Hyderabad. Some people were burnt alive, and some people were killed. This is after a bomb has exploded at the Chittorgarh Fort. 

This sparks a chain reaction as the people start rioting. They take revenge on the army which had killed their relatives.

The people even vandalize the houses belonging to the people who had killed their loved ones in the recent past.

The story then goes about five years later, where Saleh has converted to Islam and went into business for himself. But as he was doing so, a new group of people who had come to Hyderabad for higher studies started kidnapping Saleh and taking him away to England.

Saleh gets suspicious of his friends and gets himself enrolled in the university of Hyderabad named Government College. There, he becomes a regular student of there. Finally, however, the new cast of characters from SAFARAM HOWA Drama which includes Saleh’s cousins decides to elope and go to London to look for work.

This leads to Saleh suddenly getting a phone call from his cousin saying that his Sonia nazir has been found dead in her home. 

After hearing this news, Saleh immediately goes to Hyderabad to find out what has happened to his wife and Sonia nazir. 

While looking for his wife and Sonia, Saleh finds out that the woman’s body was burnt beyond recognition. He then realizes that the person who committed this crime is Syed Wail Islam.

Syed Wail is a Pakistani and the main suspect in this case. As soon as he finds out that Saleh is a Christian, he starts to torture him mentally and physically. 

As a result, Saleh decides to marry Ahmida as their marriage would mean a better life for them and their children.

Although Ahmed is against the idea, Saleh decides to marry her anyway. However, with Saleh’s continuous torture at every stage of the story, both their wife and Sonia decide to leave him.

Overall, this new spin on an already popular serial has made an enormous buzz in India and worldwide. Most award-winning actors and actresses have lent their names to this acclaimed drama story.

Overall, it has given a new look to a SAFAR TAMAM HOWA serial. I think we can expect many more award-winning performances by these famous actors and actresses in the future.

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