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Sitam Drama is the best drama to watch on television. Sitam is a fusion of music, dance, and narrative that originated in Northern India and Pakistan.

Sitam Drama | Momina Duraid Productions & Gold Bridge Media Productions

This drama genre is now getting popular not only in India but in other parts of Asia. In the United States of America, Sitam Drama has started gaining attention and popularity.

Sitam Drama follows a different plot of a story told through various acts and scenes. There are three main characters in every play. There is an MC or leading player who the actor plays.

There is a second player who is known as the lead or heroine. And there is a supporting character who plays a minor role in the story.

Sitam dramas are based on a common theme that has been developed between different cultures. 

They use music and dances along with strong words and dialogues to entertain.

A typical scene in a Sitam Drama includes a conversation between the MC and the lead characters. The conference is full of comedy, as different actors try to pass the message across to the audience.

The MC will often use a variation of Hindi and English to pass a message across. Other actors from both sides will accompany him to provide humor and make it more entertaining.

The plot of each play revolves around a common theme. For instance, in a Luddi Play, there are three different plots: One involves the Luddites, another one is about the snake, and the third one is about reincarnation.

In a Luddi Play, the story is told from Luddy’s point of view. They are the storytellers and narrate the tale from the position of the snake. Similarly, in a revenge story, the main characters play the part of the subjects.

They kill someone they consider to be their enemy and try to avenge their death. Another story called reincarnation will involve someone going back in time and changing the past.

These plays are usually very long and involve some characters. Several different plots can be followed. The story can go on for several days or even months, depending on how long it takes to develop each action.

The setting of each scene will affect the overall plot of the play. This is known as the locale. Places like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Punjab will feature in the story most.

There is also the chance of coming across people from many other parts of India. Some of them might not be fully aware of the story’s context but will nevertheless have an idea of what it is all about.

People who are interested in this theatre form should try it out. It is something worth watching. 

This way, they will get an idea of what plays are like and also get an opportunity to see some of the exotic locations that these plays are based on. In addition, they will undoubtedly learn a lot about Indian culture.

This is because there is little scope for in-depth training for this work. Most of the actors and actresses who do this kind of theatre work have been trained to live and communicate. They will also be trained in languages other than English.

Sitam dramas are a bit like a traveling theatre. The actors portray their characters by speaking in a monotone. The only music that they are allowed to use is the kind played in a traditional Indian temple.

This also means that most people who try out this line of work will not perform a convincing performance if given a complex script.

The play does not have a central conflict. The stories are usually based on ancient Hindu myths. It is also common for the characters in such a play to be related to gods. 

This is why this kind of play has always been considered a perfect fit for theatre.

Many people love to watch Sitam Drama on DVD.

This is mainly because they want to relive the experience of watching this kind of play. They can also buy such DVDs and watch them at home.

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