TANAA BANAA Drama Pakistani Hum TV Cast 2021

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The revival of the popular television drama, TANAA BANANA Drama, is on its way! After seven seasons of thrill-seeking action, suspense, romance, mayhem, and adventure, the exciting new Hummingbirds series is back for another round.

TANAA BANAA Drama Pakistani Hum TV Cast 2021

Tania Banana, the Sharad miniseries, has been a box office hit in Pakistan and is now Pakistani dramas globally. 

TANAKA BANANA Drama saw many big names from Pakistani cinema feature in this award-winning drama in its first season. Here are some of them

Introducing the exciting new Hum TV serial, Tania Banana, premiering on Tuesday nights, is fast becoming a fan favorite. The beautiful, spunky, and lovable lead character, Darcy, is introduced by Alizeh Shah in a series of memorable scenes.

In typical Pakistani fashion, the show is rife with love triangles, double meanings, a budding crush on a boy, and more.

The serial also stars Javed Saleem, Alaa Alamin, Shariffah Saleem, Zahara Ahmed, Karleen Christian, Shazahn Khan, Jazzy B, Satya Shehnaz, and others from various popular Pakistani actresses.

Before we move on, I should mention that TANAA BANANA Drama is scheduled to be my pick of the week, barring any unforeseen events. 

I have high-quality sources that indicate that there may be trouble brewing between the two main characters, Darcy and Faisal. We’ll get to that soon. So let’s get to the plot.

Darcy and Faisal are newlywed and have decided to move into a house together so that their children do not have to witness any marital problems.

However, the neighborhood, which is ruled by a strict Ismail Merchant (Taqwa), does not approve of this, especially after one of the children witnessed a murder.

Once word gets out that Darcy and Faisal will be parents, their social life will come to a standstill. 

This drama serial has many twists and turns. Still, the most exciting part is that it revolves around two teenagers, who at the beginning hardly know each other and end up forming an entire society for themselves during their midst. 

Of course, they are friends, but there is a lot of attraction beyond the friendship, forming a clique of other fighters and street vendors.

The story revolves around a murder that takes place in the neighborhood. After the murder, an orphaned boy named Afriyie kills a man (nicknamed ‘Price’ by the detective) because he did not take him to the orphanage.

Price’s sister, Jawa, tries to stop Afriyie from killing Price but ends up getting killed in the process.

Later on, Price goes missing and is believed to have been executed, but then his body is discovered on a construction site, and it is rumored that he is still alive.

The mystery surrounding Price is unraveled when he meets Jawa’s former best friend, Noureen. They become friends and end up helping the police solve the crime.

This leads to another critical part of the story: jealousy. Price’s old friend and neighbor, Shanelle, goes through almost unbearable jealousy when she finds out that Tania has been filming her former friend’s neighborhood.

Later on, after Shanelle discovers that Tanaa has been filming her area, she threatens Tanaa that if he does not stop filming her neighborhood, she will find a way to get the tapes and use them against him. So Tanaa decides to run away from his house.

The next episode of TANAA BANANA Drama, titled hum tv drama episode 25, starts with Jawa, who had earlier followed suit, going to Price’s house.

But Tanaa had already left, so Jawa assumes that Price has been kidnapped or murdered. In reality, Price had gone to the toilet and forgot to close the door. Jawa then starts the following Price and meets up with Noureen, who had been following them earlier.

Meanwhile, Tanya’s former partner tracked her down. Noureen informs Tanaa about their meeting, and Tanaa decides to go back to Price’s house to meet her new boyfriend.

While Tanaa is going to the place, Price sneaks out through the back entrance. He then tells Tanaa that he plans to marry her and gives her a ring that had belonged to his deceased father.

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