The Best Drama of hum tv 2021 | Hum TV Dramas of 2021

The Best Drama of hum tv 2021 | Hum TV Dramas of 2021

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The Best Drama of hum tv 2021 | Hum TV Dramas of 2021

The Best Drama of Hum TV series is generally considered the biggest of the Hum Awards. It constitutes acting, directing, writing, music composition, editing, and other relevant efforts into a successful drama.

The award is usually chosen by audience members as a collective, while actual winners are selected by Online voting of so-called public voters. The Dram Shop of Hollywood is a legendary organization hosting the Year’s Dramas from its inception to date. This makes them the most eligible candidate in the Best Drama category.

The organization has selected Pakistani dramas as the best drama of the year for the past three decades. However, it is always amazing to see the popularity of these Pakistani dramas rising, and the reason behind this could be nothing but the superb acting performances.

In the past, a few of the famous names have been chosen as best drama of the year, but not this time around. 

You can see many stars from television serials and movies such as; Baahubali, Dhoom Dham, Koh Samui, Iqra, and many others. So, we are sure that viewers will not be disappointed by this year’s selection of the best drama of the year.

The popularity of Pakistani dramas has grown so much due to the popularity of television in Pakistan.

Every Saturday morning at 9.30 in the morning, you would find all the channels dedicated to telling about the latest happenings in the major cities of Pakistan.

The Best Drama of hum tv 2021 | Hum TV Dramas of 2021

From the news, entertainment to documentaries, there is a lot to keep the viewers interested all through the day. You will always find someone trying to outdo each other by telling their version of events in the Pakistani dramas.

From the spy stuff to the pure love stories, all kinds of Pakistani dramas are available for the audience to watch. 

From the funny things to the serious stuff, all kinds of it are available for everyone to watch. Some of the best tv shows of recent days revolve around the young and the famous main characters.

A young woman is Humayun, who finds herself thrown into a life of adventure after falling in love with a boy. 

The boy, named Khan, has a troubled history and always seems to get into trouble. Finally, the two join forces and have a passionate love story that makes them an exciting duo. The romance is what makes Humayun and Khan’s story appealing to many.

Another exciting drama is the Dhananak TV show. It is a spin-off of the hit movie of the same name, which focused on a character named Dhananak, who was very famous and loved by the entire nation. This story revolves around a war-hardened spy who defects from the Indian army and fights against the Pakistan Army.

 That I have heard of, it is one of the best Pakistani dramas to watch.

I am sure you would have heard of the bestseller of all time, Hira Mani. This famous story revolves around a young girl called Mani, who gets captured and killed by terrorists in KP. The report then revolves around her last moments before being ‘killed.’

This novel has been turned into many movies and has won several awards, including the best book and best actress categories.

 Mind of a fictional main character, and we get to know more about her and how we can empathize with her. This is also one of the best Pakistani sagas that I have read and enjoyed immensely.

Popular dramas and stories that you can find on the best 10 Pakistani dramas list

Some of these stories have been turned into movies too and are making their way into the foreign markets and have become quite popular.

So, next time when you go out to watch a movie or a TV show, make sure you add one or two of these beautiful serials to your list of favorites. So, what are you waiting for?

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