Top 10 Pakistani Dramas With Happy Endings 2022

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas With Happy Endings 2022

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Top 10 Pakistani Dramas With Happy Endings

If you are looking for an emotional drama, you might be wondering which one is the most satisfying. Well, we have selected the top 10 dramas that have a happy ending to satisfy your expectations. These dramas include Nigar, Meri Guriya, Zun Mureed, Qayamat, and many more. Read on to discover which one is the best! We’ll start with Qayamat, because of its emotional twist and the end of the story.

Nigar’s end

Despite the dramatic end of the film, Nigar’s story is a classic one. This woman is a balaa who manipulates her husband and family to fulfill his ambitions. In the drama, her first wife, Zeba, is played by Ammara Chauhdry. But her twisted character is not the only one in trouble. In addition to destroying her first wife, Nigar also destroys her younger sister Batool, played by Mehar Bano.

It’s no secret that Pakistani dramas are popular in America, but in Pakistan, it’s important to remember that not all shows live up to the hype. In fact, many dramas have flopped because of their endings. In the case of Mere Pass Tum Ho, it’s worth mentioning that Nigar’s fate wasn’t what the audience expected. Despite the ambiguous ending, the story had plenty of elements that make it a ripe candidate for an Oscar nomination.

‘Aik Hai Nigar’ is a highly anticipated telefilm based on the life of three-star general Nigar Johar. Despite suffering numerous family tragedies, Nigar Johar continues to be committed to his career and insists that his future husband never question his commitment to the Army. Nigar’s character’s portrayal is insipid and lacks a depth and nuanced portrayal of the man she loves.

Meri Guriya’s end

The drama aired on ARY Digital every Saturday at 8 PM and can also be viewed on YouTube. Meri Guriya’s happy ending will no doubt be among the best Pakistani dramas of 2019 and 2020. Featuring Iqra Aziz, Ahmed Butt, and Yasir Hussain, it will depict the love story between two young people.

The storyline of the series is about a lower-class girl named Umm e Kulsoom who has fallen in love with an upper-class man, Asad. Her family is against her marriage and her mother-in-law Tasneem opposes the union of Zara and Asad. Asad’s mother-in-law Tasneem is a man who values his status in society and considers Zara as an unwanted’suspect’.

Similarly, Alif is another popular serial from Pakistan. This serial was widely anticipated when it was released earlier this year. Not only did the storyline involve Hamza Ali Abbasi, who was making his return to the serial after a long break, but it also featured Haseeb Hasan. The ending was one of the best ever in Pakistani drama. Its storyline is based on a novel by Umera Ahmad.

Zun Mureed’s end

The last decade of Pakistani dramas has seen superhits that have left their mark on the viewers. These dramas featured memorable characters and convincing stories. As the decade comes to a close, this would be an excellent opportunity to re-visit these characters and their stories. These memorable characters don’t necessarily have to be positive. Negative characters, however, can also have a lasting impact on the viewer.

For those viewers who were receptive to the storyline, the ending of Zun Mureed was extremely satisfying. The episode raised some important questions and addressed the reasons why rape victims are afraid to report the crime. Perhaps the most important message of Zun Mureed was that women deserve the same respect and attention as men, and that relationships come first. Those who sacrifice the two will feel the consequences later.

As the most unconventional female character in Pakistani dramas, Bibi had to deal with her parents’ toxic behaviors. She had no choice but to marry a man who did not share her religious beliefs. After her marriage failed, she had to return to her toxic home and deal with the consequences. Her story entails many twists and turns as Bibi discovers the double standards that exist in her family. She unravels secrets and learns to accept bitterness from those who may have been jealous of her.

Qayamat’s end

Qayamat has become the most watched drama in India. In the first episodes, it had a great premise, a fantastic cast and writing. But then after episode 15 and experimentation, it stumbled. But at the end, it found its footing and had a happy ending. In this episode, Ifrah seeks revenge against Nadra and forces Urooj to marry Fayyyaz. The wedding sequence is a masterpiece and the actors (Amar Khan, Saba Fayyyum, Ahsan Khan) are all excellent.

Although the film was released almost three decades ago, it is still one of the most enduring and relevant love stories in Bollywood. Originally titled Nafrat Ke Waris, the movie eventually underwent a number of renamings to make it more appealing to producers and the general public. Earlier, it was titled Nafrat, but Nasir Hussain didn’t like the title and changed it to Darrar. That was the final working title, and he was right to change it.

Laapata’s end

The Laapata drama serial has recently come to an end on Pakistan’s television. It was one of the most popular dramas of the year despite its shoddy storyline. The main actors of the drama include Ayeza Khan, Ali Rehman Khan, Sarah and Goher Rasheed. The writers of the serial managed to convince the viewers to watch the drama until the end despite the lackluster storyline.

The plotline of this drama is a major turning point in the story. The characters have a lot of interesting chemistry but a weak storyline makes it a difficult watch. Thankfully, the actors of the drama are believable and the viewers have a lot of fun watching them. Despite the poor storyline, the actors perform their roles very well. However, the ending of the drama was not that appealing to the audience.

The slap scene in the TV serial ‘Laapata’ has polarized Pakistanis. While some have criticized the scenes of domestic violence, Pakistani television has not shied away from depicting tense family dynamics and the subjugation of women. However, some shows are making an effort to change the way the stories are presented. Nonetheless, scenes of domestic violence and other negative aspects of Pakistani culture are common in Pakistani dramas.

Sabaat’s end

“Sabaat” is a popular drama that airs on HUM TV every Sunday. It debuted on 29 March 2020. The drama is written and directed by Kashif Anwar, with Momina Duraid serving as producer. The first season has 28 episodes, and its ending is still not known. The characters are rich, beautiful, and very self-centred. Despite her opulent lifestyle, Sabaat is not willing to share her relationships with her family. Her beauty and wealth have become her biggest assets, and she wants control of her life. She has hurt her grandmother, ruined her husband’s career, and created trouble for her family.

But the ending of Sabaat was still a happy one. While it was cliched, it was still a satisfying and hopeful ending. Miraal’s accident was a cruel twist, and Harris’ love for her despite her personality disorder was very surprising. Despite her disordered tendencies, Miraal still had to face the helplessness of crutches. But the ending was still a great finale for Pakistani dramas.

Dar Si Jati Hei Sila’s end

The story of Dar Si Jati Hei Sila is as gripping as it is beautiful. The movie stars brilliant actors like Noman Ejaz, Sakina Samoo and Saman Ansari, who play the roles of the two sisters. Sila’s father was never there to raise her. However, her tayees take her as their responsibility, as they have a responsibility to her.

Gul’s fame skyrocketed after the series aired on the local television channel. The show was rejected for six months by the channel because of its theme, but after much effort, it was approved. However, the show’s theme was kept under wraps for the first few episodes, so it failed to garner much attention. For the first four episodes, the drama failed to get TRPs, owing to the family’s reservations.

Upon hearing about Sila’s marriage to Joyee, Sadia becomes angry with him and asks her to break up with him. However, after revealing her true feelings to Sadia, Sila is forced to marry her. When she is about to propose to Joyee, her father arrives in the hospital and brings Sila to him. Joyee, meanwhile, is forced to leave because of her ill health.

Raqeeb Se’s end

The ending of Raqeeb Se, the latest Pakistani drama, is definitely a happy one. The film focuses on women’s empowerment, and it’s a wonderful example of how women can become the strong, independent people that they need to be. The final episode is directed by Kashif Nisar, and it’s a HUM TV production. Bee Gul is the writer, and the story is very heartfelt.

The number two drama is Alif, based on a novel by Umera Ahmad. This was a much-anticipated serial, especially as it featured Hamza Ali Abbasi, who was making his return to television after a long hiatus. Haseeb Hasan directed the drama. There are several twists and turns in the series, but the ending is definitely a happy one.

The characters in Raqeeb Se’s happy ending are lovable and enduring. Hajra re-started her career as a teacher and has a lovely family. Sakina’s son, Adnan, appears to be a caring and loving son despite his alcoholic father. The family is close-knit, and the audience may even sympathize with them.

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