Top 50 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas (Year Chart Of 2020) Pakistani Dramas

Top 50 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas (Year Chart Of 2020) Pakistani Dramas

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What are the most popular Pakistani dramas that won the Oscar? Let us count down from one to fifty! First, let me introduce to you what Pakistani dramas are.

Top 50 Most Popular Pakistani Dramas (Year Chart Of 2020) Pakistani Dramas

This is a comprehensive list of Pakistani dramas which have won the Oscar and the Golden Globe award for Best Television Series or Motion Picture, depending on their category.

Itma Al Haq (The Nanny)

It Al Haq is the most popular Pakistani drama in Pakistan. The story revolves around a social issue, and it’s the portrayal of an average Pakistani woman who gets involved in social issues like equal opportunity in education and work.

It’s also the first and only television show to feature a social message by an actress portraying an intelligent character. Al Haq won the Oscar for Best Screenplay and the Golden Globe for Best Television Series -The TV Movie and Best Director -Motion Picture.

Another great Pakistani drama is Jannick and Jane. This is a story of two young girls who come from impoverished backgrounds and win the best talent competition. It follows their journey to fame and fortune as they struggle with the obstacles posed by their social status. Jannick and Jane have won rave reviews from both Pakistani and international viewers alike.

Another best-selling and critically acclaimed Pakistani drama, Mushtaq and Sarafina, is based on the life of two talented people, Mushtaq and Sarafina. This is another brilliant and socially conscious Pakistani drama that highlights the social issues prevalent in Pakistan.

Both these celebrities have won Golden Globes and Oscars, making this a huge success. A lively love story with strong social messages, Mushtaq and Sarafina, are at the top of most Pakistani critics’ lists.

Another popular and highly anticipated Pakistani drama, Baksh Ram, is a fantastic tale of two unlikely lovers, a happily-ever-after couple from Pakistan and the daughter of a prominent politician. It is a coming-of-age story, as the girl is forced to leave her husband and return home to marry an older man.

Though the relationship is rocky, she realizes that her happiness is more vital than her ambitions. Popular Pakistani dramas such as Mankatha, Anarkalis, and Tarek Saleh are set to be on their way to becoming the next Baksha Ram or Anarkali in the world of cinema. The film is scheduled to be released in 2021.

The final episode of another highly-anticipated drama, Baksh Ram, has been widely praised by foreign and local viewers. This final episode of the romantic comedy, launched last year, has captured many different viewers’ hearts. Merely two episodes into the series, viewers enjoy the hilarious comedy between the main characters.

The story revolves around a shop owner, Saleh Badeen, who finds his life falling apart after his wife is killed in a bomb blast. His luck worsens when a blind child accidentally purchases an explosives rig, setting off a chain of events that destroys his business and leaves him with a deformed face.

Many other fantastic Pakistani dramas are streaming online. These will be an excellent option for those who can’t get enough of the theater. As more people continue to move abroad due to frequent terror attacks in the country, these dramas are a great option to relax while away from the time.

The best part of watching these shows is getting to see familiar faces, such as Saleh Badeen and Sarafina, and seeing them doing the work they do. It is an excellent example of how cinema and television can make viewers understand the importance of emotions and how they affect different people. They show that even a small role on the screen can have a significant effect on real people.

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