YAAR NA BICHRAY Drama Pakistani Hum TV Cast 2021

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he First YAAR NA BICHray Drama serial

YAAR NA BICHray ( YAAR Na Bichray) is an award-winning Hindi soap drama. This soap’s title means “Young Adult.” YAAR NA BICHray is set in the rural areas of KP, province of KP, Pakistan.

The story revolves around a group of teenagers forced to move to another town when their old friend gets a death sentence. As soon as he moves out, the group goes to their new home.

Television veteran Mohsin Talat creates YAAR NA BICHray. YAAR NA BICHray has been aired on air on numerous channels since its inception in the mid-1990s.

YAAR NA BICHray features a diverse star cast, including the popular actresses Sharukh Khan and Shakehanaallinga Misra.

YAAR NA BICHray is based on a traditional Indian myth about the story of Tipu Sultan and Bichraybad, the son of a king. Tipu Sultan was born to a low-income family in Kautilya,

India. After being offered the kingdom of Hyderabad by the erstwhile Maharaja, Tipu Sultan gathered his army and crossed the Darjeeling mountain range to attack the Mughal fort at Jodhpur.

Though the Mughals managed to capture a large portion of Tipu’s kingdom, they could not wholly wipe out Tipu.

As a result, Tipu fled to his native land, and there began his reign as the first Maratha king of Bengal, Tipu Sultan.

YAAR NA BICHray follows the life of Tipu Sultan, who rules the prosperous kingdom of Mysore. The lead role in YAAR NA BICHray is played by Deepika Padamsee, who plays Bichraybad, Tipu’s loyal aide and right-hand man.

Sharukh Khan initially held the role, but Sharukh has since passed away. The position has therefore been modified so that Deepika can play the lead role.

Another exciting aspect of YAAR NA BICHray drama is its contribution to the art of telepathy. For example, in one scene, we see Tipu conspiring with his aides to kill the Peer, a suspected witchcraft prince.

After telling his men to go ahead with their planned murder, Tipu turns to the princess of Mysore with the suggestion that she employs some “Nissan” (males known as black magic charms) to remove the magical curse on the Peer.

The princess agrees to use a few male Nissar and asks her maid to help in removing the curse. Unfortunately, the prince dies soon after.

The drama also shows how a person’s life can change drastically due to personal or professional pressure. There are two contrasting personalities, the Peer and the Bichray, and they are both very different from each other.

The Peer is a well-intentioned and loving person, while Bichray is selfish and desires material wealth. The Bichray later realizes that he has to change and succumb to the demands of his conscience, which causes him to start scheming and plotting to eliminate the Peer.

The theme of revenge is very prominent in this genre, and many laughs are felt throughout the script.

The YAAR NA BICHray serial is an excellent example of how an acting school can enhance your acting abilities. The acting techniques are challenging and require a lot of physical and mental endurance.

The teacher will be able to guide you well through the tough lessons. 

The best part about the YAAR NA BICHray drama story is that it is acted out by two excellent actors – Shazahn Padamsee and rounder Sharukh Khatra. These two stars have done fantastic work in the film.

Sharukh has been in small films before, but YAAR NA BICHray was his first big break. This is his first significant role since then, and he looks perfect in part. The film is a must-see movie.

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