Yasir Alam Biography About + Age, Family, Education, Dramas, 2021

Yasir Alam Biography About + Age, Family, Education, Dramas, 2021

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Yasir Alam was born in Quetta, Pakistan. He is an accomplished and charming Pakistani actor and model. He has appeared in some TV dramas and commercials. Also, he has worked in some movies.

Yasir Alam was born to parents who were educated at both Quetta and Quaid-e-Kutub. He began his acting career at the age of 16 in the Hindi movie ‘Chak De! India.

It was a flop considering the success of similar movies like ‘Mankatha’ and ‘The Ganges,’ that came later. However, he did get a chance to work with big Hollywood stars in films like ‘Singapore,’ ‘Cantonese People’ and ‘Karate Kid.’

This is just a short biography of one of the most successful actors from Pakistan who also has acted in many films of English and Indian origin.

The short article will discuss his early professional life and how he transformed that career into a full-time acting career. He is well known for his role as Saleem Sinai in the film ‘Singapore,’ where he played the role of an impulsive young man.

Yasir Alam Biography About + Age, Family, Education, Dramas, 2021

He was educated at Quaid-e-Kutub Girls’ School in Quaidul Qasim. After school, he joined the Air Force after passing the required exam for the cadets. He later worked in the finance department in the Ministry of finance and later in the airline industry. During this period, he also became a member of the International Air Lines Pilots Selection Board. 

Eventually, he became famous after appearing in some films made by some of the biggest movie stars in the world. Most of these films included ‘The Day After, ‘A Christmas Carol,’ ‘Shodh,’ and ‘Singapore,’ where he plays the role of Dracs.

Yasir’s most famous role in the English language is Alex Cross in the television movie ‘Sense Show.’ There are some speculations about his real name. However, the biographer clarifies that it is Saleem Azhar. 

It should also be noted that the name Saleem is a common name used by many other actors. The book also stated that he went by his middle name ‘Yusuf’ when he appeared in the TV series and not his real name.

Another exciting aspect of the biographer’s article is that it reveals a brief glimpse of how the character of Alex Cross developed. It is shown that the character was created after the production of a film in India in which Robert Downey Jr played the lead role. 

At this point in the production, there were many improvisations with the storyline and the film itself. In this film, Downey Jr. had lost a lot of weight. 

So it was determined that an overweight man should play him to hide the fact that he was suffering from the physical handicap that Downey Jr. had been suffering with for many years before the film’s release. The production ordered the then forty-something-year-old actor, Yasir al Alam, to play the part.

According to the book, Alam had always harbored a strong passion for martial arts, especially when he was still very young. 

He had taken a karate teacher’s advice to try for an opportunity in the Army to hone his skills. However, he was rejected twice initially and finally was offered a chance to play a lead role in a movie set in Iraq.

 This role would transform Alam into the actor we know today and one who has gone on to become one of the best-known and respected martial artists of our times. The biographer goes into great detail about how the role influenced him and how his career has evolved.

 In great detail is how Alam’s mother showed her son the family business. Alam used his knowledge of martial arts to help his mother run the business and make a living, all while keeping his father employed. 

This was a great example of how a child should use their natural gifts to help make a living and be successful. The biographer even touches on the personal turmoil that Alam experienced before he was cast in the role of Bruce Lee and how he was so incredibly talented that he was able to overcome this obstacle. 

The biographer even concludes his biography with an accurate portrait of the man, offering readers insight into the nature of Bruce Lee and some wonderful and humorous anecdotes that will never be forgotten.

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